tölva.fr documents the work of morgan le bihan.

.schize. cut, disjunction, crack, separation, division, split. a work related to practices of music concrète, improvisation and noise.

.sonotope. literally 'sound of the place' : field recordings, found sounds, soundscapes, electroacoustic processings, a work about sounds from the reality.

.hors-série. attempts, studies, fragments, collaborations, preparatory works, unfinished forms, orphan projects, etc...

.enregistrements publics. live recordings.


to get updates, or just to say hello, contact morgan (at) t8lv4 (dot) fr


tölva is an islandic word. it's made out of the words tölur (figures) and völva (shaman woman, prophetess). tölva refers to computer.